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The cinema immediately saw the superheroes and already in the ‘40s was made films inspired by the now unknown Captain Marvel (a DC character, in spite of the name). But while the comics evolved and with them the characters that were the protagonists, the films on superheroes continued to capture only the primitive aspects of the genre, telling characters more two-dimensional sheets of paper from which they were born, with the sole purpose of entertaining the spectator in a light and carefree way. It was with the aforementioned earthquake of the ’80s  that comics began to be taken seriously even by the cinema, thanks to the simultaneous birth of the idea of ​​blockbuster’ superhero ‘with the’ futuristic wizards’ of Star Wars. Now that you can watch movies online on 123movies the options are clear for you now.

While on the comic book pages began the deconstruction of the superhero and masterpieces like Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight offered a very innovative and dark approach to the stories, the cinema had in fact started with the Superman of Donner a parallel path that was realized in a real first wave of superhero films (whether or not related to comics), which lasted until the first half of the 90s. To mark that era was the disruptive news of the two Batman by Tim Burton , but other important super heroic successes were  Robocop , Ninja Turtles At the Rescue , Rocketeer , The Shadow Man, the sui generis case of  The Mask and  Il Coro . The explosion of the ‘bubble’ was however close.

The first wave of superhero films ended in the 90s

Now every production company tried to propose their own superhero, but if the Batman of Burton had set a new quality parameter, the early 90s had also seen the debut of two other extraordinary successes at the box office: Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. The two films not only introduced the CGI that years later would become the cross and delight of the cinecomic, but proposed a model of extraordinary success. Trying to compete with the two blockbusters of TriStar and Universal, Warner then decided to give a general breakthrough to the Batman franchise by relying on the pop approach of Joel Schumacher. The incorrect interpretation of the success of the aforementioned films ether choice to privilege the spectacular component in spite of the solidity of the story was disastrous , so as to almost come to kill the genre. Suddenly the production of superhero films slowed down, but a couple of brave less patented attempts ( Blade  and  X-Men )  managed to ferry the cinecomic until the 2000s.

Warner, after creating and nearly killing superhero movies, found redemption with The Matrix

Matrix was not inspired by a comic book, and yet the cinecomic had all the ingredients. The extraordinary Wachowski film was a true case, and with its mix of solid script, breathtaking CGI, heroic themes and highly sought-after aesthetics offered the paradigm for the rebirth of superhero cinema .  Now in 123Movies you will be able to witness all of them.