Comparison between Windows 10 Home and Pro Editions

A bit insight into Windows OS

Microsoft Windows OS family is a group of graphical operating systems which have been developed, licensed and sold by the OS sector of Microsoft. This family product is not only limited to the OS for PCs and laptops but has also gone into the field of Windows phones. Currently, it is the largest popular OS that runs nearly in all of the laptops and PCs and upgrades from time to time in order to enhance its performance factor by multi-folds. This article details more about the two different versions of Windows 10 i.e. home and pro and presents a comparative analysis of windows 10 home vs pro performance.

Briefing about Windows 10 Home version

Home is the standard version of Windows 10 and is the baseline package meant for home and commercial laptop purposes. It consists of all of the features that Windows aimed for, like Cortana assistant, Windows Edge, Outlook and OneNote. Though it has a more secure interface in limiting some of the group management services, it has the following features: –

  • Compatible with voice commands and apps pertaining to pen sketches, touchscreen, and reminders
  • It has a free trial of Windows Office suite and post the free trial, one needs to purchase the package for the normal use again.
  • Supporting all of the gaming modules like Xbox, Xbox controller etc.
  • Access to the cloud storage service One Drive but has the limit of 5GB free storage only
  • Includes mobile device management to manage the activities of the connected mobile devices

Briefing about Windows 10 Pro Version

It is the professional version of Windows 10 and is specifically meant for official purposes like business activities, schools or companies. It has the packages for commercial purposes and is not that helpful for home-based users. It has the following features: –

  • Enhanced protection system to protect the business-related files
  • More customized packages for education and enterprise
  • Access to the business versions of the different Microsoft packages that are more dynamic when compared to the home versions of the same
  • Availability of free versions of Microsoft office

Comparison between the two

To answer windows 10 home vs pro performance, the first thing that one needs to understand is that the domains of both of these versions are very different i.e. the former is for individual uses while the latter is for commercial uses. The former comes at a price of Rs 7999 while the latter at a price of Rs 14999. But the difference in the prices can be attributed to the better user interface in the latter version. The former has a limited interface as it has the uses for individual levels only while the latter has a dynamic one due to its applications in the official works.

Hence both of these versions have the required usage in their respective domains and are successful in the same.